Third Hand Music is a band with unique individuals who bring their explosive talent together to create a unique and original sound.The band is made up of three members: Ken-Albert Orwa (mid-range vocalist) Ken plays a range of instruments like guitar,trumpet,drums, violin, trombone and Saxophone. Collins “Collo” Kemboi (high-range vocalist) Collo plays the guitar. And finally we have Michael “Mike” IkoleMwikamba (bass/low range vocalist).
Together they blend their musical talent to create a magical soulful sound which incorporates soulful vocals,the guitar,keys and different range of instruments. Their sound is best described as R&B/Soul which draws its inspiration from Hip-Hop, Jazz and Reggae. Third hand music was part of a band called Phy and the Band where they lasted for 3 years then Phy went solo and the three formed Third Hand Music which began officially November 2014.
The band is now on a life and musical journey together, embracing each experience as it comes. They are undeniably set for the stars.
Special information or comments: Third Hand Music is a band consisting of four additional instrumentalists; Drummer, Bassist and two keyboardists. The trio boy band are all vocalists who all lead and do their own original composition. As much as the genre is R&B/Soul, their performance is electrifying, full of energy and musicality.
Being together for four years in the Kenyan music scene, live performance has been core and vital, and that depicts experience.
Given the opportunity to grace  Karibu Festival, not only will Third Hand Music give one hundred percent (100%) quality music for good people, by good people, but also perform in Tanzania for the first time.