Sibusile Xaba ~ Traditional Zulu (SOUTH AFRICA)

Sibusile Xaba was born in Newcastle, KZN. Having found music as a passion at an early age, he became engrossed in the art form, regardless of circumstances. After completing matric, Sibusile decided to pursue music as a career and enrolled in a music college. With the knowledge acquired from college he recognized a need to study further and expand his musical capacity. It was at this point that he enrolled into university to study jazz and major in jazz guitar. This decision proved to be a vital turning point in his career. It led to tours around the world with Sibusile playing his love for all sorts of people, young and old, political and apolitical. Furthermore, it honored and privileged him with opportunities to share a message with the countless people that he has met in this journey.

With constant practice, performing and connecting with different people, Sibusile has witnessed a continual growth in him as an individual and as a musician. It is a kind of growth that he values as important and worth sharing. In addition to touring, Sibusile has worked with many different artists through session work, contributing as a composer and guitarist – both live and in studio. These endeavours have led to the creation of a lot of beautiful music with value that has not gone unnoticed.

Through his work Sibusile illustrates that Music is a collective effort; the more layers of sound put together in unison the greater the final piece. Furthermore, collaboration through music is a fundamental way of building unity within society and the community at large. The more artists can come together and work together, the higher the standard of art will be. The more music is accessible to different communities, the better artists are sustained through their art. Through this, resources, space and equipment will be easily shared too.
Special information or comments: The Unlearning is the stripping of self from all indoctrination that the world has thought us and becoming one complete piece with thy self. The music we create is a harmonious massage of love, peace, happiness and equality for all.