Misoji Nkwabi ~ Afro (Tanzania) 2017

Misoji Nkwabi is among five children of Mr. Nkwabi Nghangasamala and Jennifer Bukombe.Her family grew up in musical environment because they were all singing in a church choir. Apart from singing in a church choir, Misojis mother is a pianist while her father worked at the college of arts which is now called TaSUBa before he retired. He played a big role in directing his children whenever they compose songs to be sang in the church when it is his turn to preach. Her passion in music made her started singing copies of different songs from artist within and outside the country since when she was ten years old.

She then participated in music competition in 2008 which was known as BONGO STAR SEARCH and become the winner; it was her first time to start recording her own songs and finished her first album known as UTU WA MTU (DIGNITY OF A PERSON). The album consisted of twelve songs carrying different themes which made her started to tour around the country with FHI (family health international)to educate people about HIV/AIDS through music.

In 2009 she started to tour outside the country and worked with mombots production in film and musical performances in German She started her own band in 2014 called the afrijam band and started performing in festivals such as Karibu music festival, Marahaba festival, Bagamoyo festivals and Sauti za Busara festival. She sings with her sisters in her band, Nsami Nkwabi and Nshoma Nkwabi.