King Mas ~ Reggae (USA) 2017

King Mas is a musical amalgamation of culture and art. A voice that reverberates thought-provoking messages, King Mas is a trailblazer for the conscious reggae fusion movement. Dubbed the “Musical Obeah Man”, The King has inherited an ancestral music tradition that spans generations. A native of Boston, Massachusetts, King Mas was born to culturally grounded Caribbean parents. His father Supreme, is a legendary calypso monarch from the island of Montserrat, and his mother a Clarendon born Jamaican who grew up during the formative years of reggae music. This is not to mention, an immensely talented lineage that is comprised of musicians and songwriters including Everton “Reality” Weeks, who wrote the world-renowned calypso hit “Hot, Hot, Hot”.

With a strong passion for music, King Mas drew inspiration from isolation as an epilepsy survivor. Facing the reality of a potentially life ending condition, King Mas would find solace in song. With Walkman in hand, he would tune into the arrangements of his favorite artists and impersonate their musical style and delivery. From Buju to Busta, to Beres and, Brian McKnight, The King immersed himself in varied types of music. It was this experience that shaped his existence as an exceptional artiste with an international following.

King Mas acknowledges his divine purpose for living, also known as Nkrabea. Drawing from African spirituality, The King crafts distinctive words and sound to release life-altering energy, aiding mankind in realizing itself. With songs like, “Walk Like A Champion” and “Reflection”, King Mas chooses to heal rather than simply entertain. It is through this calling that he has earned the moniker “Musical Obeah Man”, paying homage to his Afro-Caribbean roots.

To date, King Mas has performed all over the United States and the four corners of the world. From Lebanon to Lintz, to the Limpopo River, The King has electrified audiences with his unique vocal style, often delivering encore performances.