Led by “EKA MUSIC” home music, “Giovanni kremer kiyingi (kiyingi Jovan) is a world-music, afro-fusion, folk music artist based in Uganda with the blend of the early and current generation music rhythms,Giovanni kremer Kiyingi is a two side artist ,he can play as a multi instrumentalist /vocalist with his band and he can also run a Sami-live set ie Dj live set where he runs percussions and vocals with a Dj groove.
Kiyingi plays many traditional instruments in and outside Uganda such as Adungu, Endere, Engoma, Akogo, Madiinda, Djembe, Calabash Malian- flute etc. To enrich his music farther kiyingi added a classical guitar to a bunch of African instruments he plays which made his music more and more beautiful and richer.

In 2010 kiyingi finished and released his first Album “essanyu ly’omufilika ” which means the joy of an africa and great music was born, the album bears songs that featured in films and documentaries i.e. “CAMP GREEN” by Oxfam America, HEPATITS THE NEW HIV .Films such as, NEW INTENTION, CONDEMNED by kihiry films.

In conducting and participating in workshops(music festival /arts) kiyingi has shared stage, worked with great artists in his craft i.e. artists Dr mulatu father of etho-jazz,Makadem,Gregg Tendwa, Susan kerunen, Myko Ouma, Maurice kirya and Joel Ssebunjo, Ssali muserebende ,sarabi band at DOA DOA by Bayimba international festival/Santuri safari projects etc.
Giovanni kremer kiyingi is now working on his third album “AMAKONDEERE” which means trumpets and horns of Africa ,as also pursuing his Bachelor of Arts in music in Makerere university .