Inafrika Band ~ Fusion (Tanzania) 2017

The Inafrika Band was formed in 1992 by two brothers Roy and Enrico Figueiredo. The band at the time was mostly a cover type band and performed in small pubs and Restaurants around Dar-es-salaam. The band had a permanent Contract with Tanzanias five star hotel the Kilimanjaro in 1996 and also backed International Musicians like Yvonne Chaka Chaka ,Sarafina and Mwale sisters.

InAfrika band went on to record its first album in 2000 ‘INDEGE’ which was chosen best traditional song in the local KILIMANJARO AWARDS in 2003. Thereafter the band become famous in The East African zone and performed for many important event like the miss Tanzania, The national Parliament amongst many other functions. 2005 was a stepping stone as InAfrika was chosen to represent Tanzania in the World Culture festival in South Korea. Mr. Winston Ruddle director of Mother Africa approached the band and offered a contract with Mother Africa circus which is based in Hamburg, Germany .InAfika band is currently performing in the Circus and continues up to date traveling to all around the world.

The main aim of the band is to be versatile and showcase at any event be it a circus, a club band, for festivals ,and any other Occasions which require a band performing all types of music from Africa ,Latin European, America, and Asia, the band has its web site on its way.