Chikaya Buruya or chikaya D(daughter of Africa)…..she is a singer,song writer ,producer and performer..chikaya was born in in Arusha the safari capital of Tanzania and get way to Kilimanjaro  .she plays guitar and also she’s arranging her music. She was aware of musical ability during her late teens.  After completing her secondary school she decided to join college of art in Bagamoyo (TaSuBa) where she developed her musical education and was awarded a Diploma in performing arts. Shaping up her career Chikaya have been performing with different bands like Tongwa ensemble under  Justin GodyKaozya ,Nafasi art space,, Afrikabisa under Jikhoman. She has also been in German working with the Theatre company known as Dat  Letzte kleonod she been working as a singer,dancer and actress. In 2015 she linked up with lyricist and CEO of UK based record label known as SUSTAINABLE records.
 April 2017  chikaya did a performance at MINI KARIBU MUSIC FESTIVAL  a show that was very well received and written on Citizen magazine  describing Chikaya as a queen of the stage may 2017 she performed at Alliance francaise Dar es salaam she did  another amazing show and was invited for interviews on national TV (TBC) ….soon her E is out titled ”THE VILLAGE GIRL”  that will be Launched WORLWILD under SUSTAINABLE RECORD (British company)
She’s calling her music style African folks.. Because it is a fusion of African beats and stories with some contemporary rhythms and base on being original… This youthful and talented songstress is taking stages in Tanzania by storm and it is very likely that she will very soon be on various international venues.