Ze Spirits Band~Fusion (Tanzania) 2017

ZE SPIRITS BAND is a group of five, young, talented Tanzanian musicians from the Historical coastal town of Bagamoyo.  All members of the band  began performing traditional and contemporary dance and music together when they were as young as 7 years old, under the guidance and tutorial of Tanzania’s legendary singer-songwriter Vitalis Maembe.  In 2010 they formed Ze Spirits as a band playing Afro Fusion music, the style that blends traditional African sounds/songs with other contemporary rhythms. Most of the songs tells reality stories of day to day life in a modern African society. Some of the songs are about Love,  youth challenges, African culture as well as socio-politico issues. Although Ze Spirits base is in Bagamoyo town the band  quickly rose in popularity far beyond their hometown which resulted in invitation to perform in various events in Dar es Salaam and out of Tanzania.

Currently, some of Ze Spirits members study music at TaSuBa (Bagamoyo’s College of the Arts) and others at Muda Music Mayday.

The inspiration to their music comes from the vibes of Tanzanian local traditional dance, songs and rhythms, which are successfully blended with contemporary ideas in order to empower the groove and engage audiences (more fire!).  They offer a dynamic, energetic and delightful combination of grooves and bases rhythmic trips.

Ze Spirits Band has participated in numerous festivals across Tanzania, including Bagamoyo International Arts Festival, The Beat Festival, Karibu Music Festival, Barazani at Alliance Francaise, Goethe Institut, Chap Chap Events, Irimba Cultural Festival, Sauti Za Busara (Zanzibar), Umoja Festival (Ethiopia), Pawa254 (Kenya), and African Liberation Day (Kenya).

In addition to performing, the members of Ze Spirits Band are skilled at building traditional Tanzanian and West African drums, teaching traditional drumming techniques and traditional dance.