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2) COUNTRY: USA (African- Caribbean roots)

3) ARTIST CATEGORY: WORLD MUSIC (Reggae, Latin Rock, East Indian Kirtans, Niabinge, Salsa, and African-Caribbean)

4) BIOGRAPHY: Welcome to a joyous event known the world over as Fantuzzi. As soon as he enters the stage, his blissful smile, laughter and penetrating gaze ignite the audience into jubilation. Fantuzzi’s African-Caribbean roots and phenomenally extensive international travel experiences meld on stage into ecstatic, dramatic, transformational, interactive performances infused with a dynamic variety of musical styles from Reggae, Latin Rock, East Indian Kirtans, Niabinge, Salsa, and African-Caribbean which have inspired his unique chants, soulful songs and electrifying sensual dances. Fantuzzi’s best selling CDs include the upbeat “Tribal Revival”and sublimely spiritual “Divine Inspiration”.

Fantuzzi is a world-class musical star who is charismatic, funny, sensual, and highly-energized and will definitely get you moving!


5) FACEBOOK: Fantuzzi Music

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