Kids Workshop ~ Dance, Craft&Music!!!!


Let’s have FUN with DADA MASAYO!!!

1. Music & Dancing Time
Enjoy dacing with some Tanzanian traditional children’s music.

2. Craft Time
<Recycled Instruments: Shaker>
<Head Band of Paper flower>

3. Let’s Play NUMBODY
My book and music activities.


TIME: 2:00PM – 4:30PM

In the 2014 Festival, Japanese language school students from Dar es Salaam and some local kids in Bagamoyo had a unique and fun kids workshop conducted by Dada Masayo and student teacher from Bagamoyo College of Arts.

Kids enjoyed making numbers in the picture book “NUMBODY” published by Dada Masayo by using their bodies practically! After that, they had experience on playing Tanzania traditional drums “NGOMA”.

We appreciate the teachers & parents for taking them to the Festival all way from Dar es Salaam!

numbody numbody2 ngoma