Brina (Jamaica)

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Brina is the voice of World Roots Reggae Music from Jamaica, an artiste steeped in the sounds and rhythms of her Jamaican culture sharing her music with the world.

Brina and her songs come alive on stage, a truly vibrant and captivating performer her lyrics and music are refreshing and uplifting. When Brina steps in front of an audience, she beckons them to feel enlightened and empowered.

Fusing together elements of her rich cultural and musical heritage using Reggae, Nyabinghi and other musical styles from the global African diaspora, Brina brings a positive healing message to the world through her songs, singing of justice, equality, liberation, oneness and love.

Brina’s debut album “Under One Sun” will keep Roots Reggae Music with a spiritual message on the world map. “Under One Sun” recorded and produced in Jamaica, features Jamaican legends Toots Hibbert and Sly Dunbar. This is an incredible new album that should not be missed.

Brina’s debut album Under One Sun “Musically speaking a sparkling, non-alcoholic cocktail of reggae, r’n’b and Latin, a voice full of Afro-pop soul (supported by brilliant vocal harmonies), lyrics which give you strength and hope: I love you Brina!” – Jah Shakespear,

New Swahili language EP! ‘Reggae Sauti Za Kiswahili’ is her latest work. “It’s time to bring Jamaican Reggae back to Africa with an African language, I’m so happy to bring you these songs in Swahili” – Brina.

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