Motra Music ~ Traditional (Kenya) 2017

MOTRA is an all-female percussion band based in Nairobi, Kenya. The name MoTra is derived from the words MOrdern and TRAditional music.
The band was founded on 20th November, 2015 by Matthew Rabala, Mobutu Sese and Kasiva Mutua who came together and decided to change the norm in the percussion industry by agreeing to form a group of female percussionists. The band members include; Wangechi Kamau, Viona Nyokabi, Sharon Ochieng, Beatrice Wangui, and Tatyana Atyang’.

Mission Statement:
To empower women on music and believing in themselves. In percussion group fuses music from all genres both modern and traditional and creates rhythmic beats from to bring beats to life through chemistry intrigued by a rare breed of girls on percussions.
The band aims at sharing promoting culture and heritage from around cheap lace dresses the world and in future come up with an academy that will train and empower the girl-child to explore on a wider scope in the music field and will also create a new wave of sound done the African way.