LaVeda~Fusion (Tanzania) 2017

Irene Veda known as LaVeda on stage is a Tanzanian musician (singer and
saxophonist) and actress born in Dar es Salaam. She grew up and took music
and acting lessons after classes in France. Her musical journey was put on hold when she
had to pursue her studies in the UK. Her come back in Tanzania since then has been a rollercoaster of music and movies.
She first attended TaSuba, performing arts college in Bagamoyo, where she was
introduced to the rich musical traditional culture and was finding her roots. In 2013 she stared
in an award winning film, Kitendawili. The following year, 2014, she auditioned for
Big Brother Africa, a reality tv show in South Africa, and performed a solo saxophone
that led to win the head of house in the 1st week of the show where she joined fellow
housemates from different parts of Africa. Since her return she played with several
local bands in the country from traditional, afro pop, jazz, acoustic,afro to fusion. In addition to her
urban, French, western influence, and her lyrics in Swahili, English and French she is ready to explore the World with her new band.