All about KARIBU


KARIBU MUSIC FESTIVAL is an international music festival organized by Tanzanians who share a strong passion for music, art and culture. Last year marked the second edition to festival since 2014 taking place at Mwanakalenge grounds in Bagamoyo township. A place where
historical slave trade victims lay down their hearts to say good bye to their beloved motherland, crossing the Indian ocean to the slave market in Zanzibar before being shipped off to Asia and beyond.

Last  year the festival was celebrating ‘Fahari ya Tanzania’ (Tanzania’s Pride) not only showcasing our home grown talent and beauty but also referring to our peaceful manner using music culture and the arts to create unity amongst people reminding them that despite all our differences we one people, the human race.

All in all, KARIBU means WELCOME, a soft and kindhearted word that shows acceptance and receiving with happiness or pleasure to share and develop our culture.


The festival focuses on different genre of music basing on its influence and popularity, from traditional, modern to world music namely; Fusion, Rock, Reggae, Hip hop, Pop, Jazz and other alternative music. Apart from the live music performances, the festival featured musicians selling and showcasing their CDs (Albums), craftsmen and artisans selling unique products, cultural food and drink vendors, activities for children and more art adventure.


  • To nurture, expose and promote African and local music, art and culture to the world.
  • Promoting Tanzanian culture through the universal language of music and the arts
  • Creating a platform for local and International artists to exchange skills and preform under one stage
  • Introducing other countries’ cultures to Africa whilst building friendship/interests/collaboration and opportunities among all participants.
  • The principal event that draw together businesses, SMES , the international community, youth, community organisations and the Tanzanian people on an annual basis to celebrate its richness and diversity.
  • To give back to the people of Bagamoyo and hiring local Music and Art teachers as well as giving local college students the volunteer experience they need to acquire more knowledge in their prospective fields of study
  • To have a fully functioning and supported Karibu Music and Art Centre for empowering disadvantaged children and young adults through this creative Industries
  • 50% of all festival proceeds to be reinvested into the Music and Art centre in Bagamoyo
  • To nurture children and young adults through the arts so that they can use their talents to sustain themselves in the future, raise aspirations and achieve a better quality of life.
  • Overall the festival works hard towards creating a society that stands for peace , love and harmony and understands the notion of ‘one love’ and ‘one  world’.