Abeneko is a contemporary live performer, singer, songwriter, guitarist and choreographer. His music have been created in different traditional dances, melodies and rhythm brought to contemporary music life, which promote Tanzanian traditional and contemporary music that inspired original songs and dance from Tanzania. It is a hope to provide a different perspective to the youth who are inspired by western culture and other music styles. They have not grown up to appreciate their own musical heritage which is disappearing. ABENEKO has released his first album known as ‘MAMA CHAMBEWA’ which was officially launched in Doa Doa, Uganda in 2015 and currently successful song and music video SALAM, KIZAU ZAU feat Khadija Kopa queen of taharab in Tanzania which is playing on Radio and TV stations in Tanzania, as well this year in January 2018 Abeneko have officially released his 2rd album ‘’WAKATI’’ at Goethe-Institut, Dar es salaam – Tanzania.
Abeneko has participated in many music-exchanging projects and performed with his Band of 8 members around in Tanzania at Sauti za busara music festival-Zanzibar, Bayimba International Art festival – Uganda, Wikiendi Live – Dar es salaam, Barazani at Alliance Fracaise, Goethe-Instute, the Beat festival, Gengeni Music Concert, Chap Chap, Marahaba Swahili Music Festival, Bagamoyo at karibu music festival, jambiani, Zanzibar, Jinja, Uganda at Doa Doa, and etc. Internationally in countries such as South Korea, USA, Germany, Austria, Denmark, Poland, Holland, Spain, South Africa, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Malawi and Mozambique.