Cie C’ArtDIC (Togo)

ArtDIC is an artistic company from the cultural association Odysée theatre; created the twelve years ago in 2003 by ALI KOKOU MESSANH, cultural officer, Hand dyed fabric specialist (“specialist de la teinturerie Batik”) and international percussionist.
ArtDIC is a youth artistic and educational training center and also a troupe of professional artistes coming from a popular neighborhood from Togo.

The Company brings together versatile artists in various performances such as dances, songs and storytelling, all relate the diversity and the wealth of the traditional dances and music of the sub region along the country.

Many of his creations have enabled the company to win several prizes at major African festivals.
• September 2006 : The company won the 1st price from a performance known as “Sourir du Carnassier” Togo
• December 2006: 3rd prize GODODO Festival Kouvé region/Togo
• August 2008 2nd prize from the performance known as “Sourir du Carnasier”Togo
• August 2011: 1st prize from their creation and diffusion known as “Art du Sud” Danmark /Togo
• August 2012: workshop on reinforcement of the African percussions /Togo /Lomé
• April2015 : Participation Festival FESTHED /Benin .where the company won the prize of the best traditional performance

The Company has been composed by a mixture of artists and polyvalent performances in Dance, Music, Theatre and other artistically expression.

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