Segere Original – Traditional

Segere Original Band a.k.a Wana Segere was formed in 2003 after Young Star Modern Taarab got separated. Segere Original Band was formed by 12 Artists:
Karama Tony, Shabani Madobe, Bi Riziki, Fatuma Rajabu, Wahid, Mpoto, Neema, Mwanaharusi, Ngonda, Masharubu, Mjusi Shemboza and Shabani Mugado.

Segere Original band is one of the prominent representatives of Zaramo music and Zaramo culture in Tanzania. Their songs are comprised of 3 languages; Swahili, Zaramo and an addition of few English words. The instrumentation is both African traditional and modern. In 2003 the band secured a major record deal under Mj Records and managed to record 4 albums under Producer Malon Baba Joji known as Domo la upawa, nibebeshe, Ukimwi and Kingwangwa. Domo la upawa was the album that did well in the market. They also produced an album titled Vumilia. Now they have a new single called Imetosha (which is for the ongoing campaign in Tanzania for advocating saving lives of people living with albinism).

Best Artists (Morogoro Arts College)

Sauti za Busara,
In Zanzibar island 2014, 2012, 2003.
In Biafra Grounds, Dar Es Salaam 2013
In Kigamboni, Der Es Salaam 2013
Karibu Music festival
In Bagamoyo, Dar Es Salaam 2014 November.
German Festival.
In German July 2014

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