Pakistan Experience

‘The Pakistani House Husband Experience’ is a neoteric blend of the old & the new. It incorporates many facets of the ARTS: music, literature, theatre, film and more . . . PHH Experience is a unique and exciting entity on the current touring circuit.

Although none of the group members was born in Pakistan, the performance reflects the rich culture of Pakistan. PHH Experience shows real stories about Pakistan and its society. It observes completely the living standards of the people, both positive and negative elements.

‘David Vee’ is a filmmaker, author, musician, born in Sydney. David has 34 years’ experience in the Entertainment and Arts Industry.

From February 2003 until July 2006 he lived and worked in Pakistan, writing his first book: A Pakistani House Husband (the beauty & the chaos).

He then moved to Thailand for 3 years where he made his first short film Sufi Cognizance. From July 2009 till January 2012 he lived in Iran. He now resides in Dar es Salaam. David has directed and filmed numerous music videos; 1 feature length documentary Pulp Farsi (filmed in Iran) and 4 short documentaries. David was lead actor in the Tehran produced short film The Silver Trip, 2011.

‘Drew Q’ is a linguist, aesthetician and jewellery designer born in Brussels. Drew studied Jewellery Design at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp. From February 2003 until July 2006 she lived and worked in Pakistan curating Jewellery Exhibitions; indulging intensely in Pakistani Fashion and studying the Urdu language. Her innovative and offbeat jewellery designed whilst living in Islamabad was recently displayed at Alliance Françoise, Dar es Salaam December 2014. She is currently working on her first clothing line, influenced by the Maasai tribes of Tanzania as well as African Rasta/braiding techniques.

‘Kauzeni Lyamba’ is a saxophonist, music teacher and multi-instrumentalist born in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. He studied a Diploma of ARTs and Culture at Bagamoyo College of Arts. He currently teaches African dance, music and drumming, as well as making instruments like bamboo flute, marimba, and cow/goatskin drums – at Music MayDay College, Dar es Salaam. Kauzeni has performed at Sauti za Busara 2007, Bagamoyo Arts Festival, Maputo NYE Concert Mozambique 2008, Umoja Cultural Flying Carpet Ethiopia and Kenya 2008 to name a few

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