Wika Band – Fusion

WIKA – The new sound of Tanzania.

Andrew David Shimba, (lead vocal and acoustic guitar),

Kauzeni Joseph Lyamba, (percussion, saxophone and flute)

Shaban Rashid Shaban, (bass, piano),

Abdallah Juma Membe (drummer)

Norman Bikaka (Guitar)

WWIKA is a high energy collective that has

been together since 2010. WIKA means in


WIKA Is a Tanzanian Afro fusion band based in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. WIKA has a unique style that

combines its roots in East African traditional music, with playful vocal harmonies in different Tanzanian

languages such as Nyamwezi, Maasai, Fipa and of course Swahili as the national language. In their lyrics

they are telling stories about Tanzanian life, traditions, family and daily activities of Tanzanians. Their

stories are expressed through a unique and powerful singing voice and vocal harmonies, African

traditional bamboo flute, East African percussion, guitar, bass, saxophone, and drum set. The songs

touch straight into your soul whether you understand the lyrics or not. Acoustically the music of WIKA

stands out and will enchant the audience on its own. WIKA has been playing at many events and festivals

among others at the DOADOA workshops and Bayimba arts festival in Uganda pearl of Africa may 2012

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