Misoji Nkwabi – Fusion

Misoji Nkwabi is among five childrens of Mr. Nkwabi and Janeth Bukombe.Her and her family grew up musically because they were good christians and choir singers.Until late 1999 when she was at the age of twelve(12),Misoji started singing copy songs from different artists ,later on she started singing her own music until 2007 when she started singing as a solo artist whereby in 2008 she won a first position on BONGO STAR SEARCH SINGING COMPETITION ,and record her first album UTU WA MTU at MJ RECORDS .She started to tour all over the country and other countries like Germany,Norway,Kenya and Uganda. ,she joined AFRICABISA BAND at the second half of 2009 and performed in SAUTI ZA BASARA in 2010 ,her unique singing voice made positive response from the audience whenever she appear to them.She became a very professional musician in 2015 after awarded her diploma certificate at THE INSTITUTE OF ARTS AND CULTURE BAGAMOYO.

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