Junior and Mankind Band – Afro Soul/Funky

The Mankind music plunges into the heart of Africa , combining modernity and tradition, in a mixture of Soul, Funk, Rumba, Reggae and contemporary pop. Ex lead singer of the Famous Kalunde Band and twice nominated at Kilimanjaro Music Awards. They have 2 albums released, 2010- 2012.
End 2012 Mankind got a first gig as a Solo artist with the Band.
His performances are; Francophonie Artist 2012, Feat Mankind Euro Tour: Italy, Germany, and Belgium.
February 2015 Amani Festival in Congo DRC
June 2015 : North Italy Tour :People’s Festival (Trento), (Rain festival Dos Trento), Reggae for Life (Romagnano).

Junior Tshimankinda Mutombo A.k.a Mankind sings about the hard times of his childhood adversity, the courage and tenacity of maturity. An imaginative composer, Singer Songwriter composes his songs in Swahili, English, Lingala, Italian and French. More than anything, Junior sings the language of courage and initiative of those who overcome obstacles.

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