Damian Soul – Fusion


Damian Soul is arguably one of the most popular Afro Soul/Afro Fusion musicians in Tanzania. Damian Soul has produced and performed popular radio hits that remain cult classics to many music fans today.
His hits “Hakuna Matata,” “Ni Penzi,” featuring Joh Makini, which received a Kilimanjaro Tanzania Music Award Nomination for best R’n’B song, “Dua la Kuku,” featuring Banana Zorro and most recently “Baraka,” teaming up again with Joh Makini, and currently Tudumishe featuring G. Nako, have all received very favorable radio air play throughout East Africa.
Motivated by an early influence of Hip Hop Music, Damian wrote his first verse in the 3rd grade in Sinza, Dar es Salaam. He later found inspiration in gospel, lingala, soul and jazz music, which influenced his now popular approach of Afro-fusion, while honing his vocal talent and fine tuning his guitar skills.

Live Shows

Damian’s evolution as a musician has seen him perform festivals such as Jahazi Jazz Festival- Zanzibar (2012 & 2015) Zanzibar International Film Festival (2012 & 2015),Sauti Za Busara Music Festival- Zanzibar (2013) and popular East African shows such as Tusker Project Fame – Nairobi (2012) , and Maisha Super Star – Nairobi (2015).
Damian has an easy honesty in his subtle tone that has stopped many people in their tracks while performing.

Vision / Mission / Future

Damian Soul sees himself as more than a musician. He is largely involved in social and community development initiatives. He believes his music is more than just an avenue to make a living but also a way to reach out to society and inspire as many people as possible.

His music is based on good news. He has been known to say that if his music were to touch or inspire at least one person during his performance, he has done a great job.

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